Project Feature: Lego Police Station

by Justin Peterson

Dir. Digital Content Production, Boston Celtics

It’s interesting how skill development works. Getting into 3D modeling and rendering, I didn’t realize how much knowledge I would pull from my video production background. 

Lighting applies. Camera knowledge applies. Composition applies. Timing and pacing applies. Those weren’t all skills that I built over night. They are, however, foundational to the motion design and 3D world of creating moving pictures.

Watch here:

The challenge is that if you come up against a project and need a skill, it’s often too late. Building foundational skills over time and singularly has become even more of a focus for me in this attention economy. It’s easy to get distracted by the shiny ball, or the cool hip thing that someone created a tutorial about. It may work in the moment, but the short-term benefits don’t outweigh the long-term gains.

I’ve enjoyed the process. My appreciation for a constantly evolving world with a foundational skillset that I can take and apply to different avenues of work continues to grow. You never know when the knowledge will serve you, so it’s best to enjoy the journey!

Justin Peterson is the Director of Digital Content Production at the Boston Celtics and is a contributor at AsaPro. Click here to see all of Justin’s articles.