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Create your own private EditShare cloud with AirFlow

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It’s a given that media productions now involve multiple collaborators, so sharing content on a daily basis needs to happen securely without regard for facility boundaries or country borders. With current security and reliability of cloud-based technology prohibiting full migration to Cloud storage for production, EditShare AirFlow utilizes on-premise storage already used for high bandwidth workflows to provide secure access to media from anywhere in the world with a basic internet connection.

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Remote collaboration

AirFlow brings all the media sharing capabilities of the Flow production MAM to secure multi-team multi-location productions. Its simple and intuitive web-based interface lets collaborators located anywhere in the world search, log, organize and play media content; and also upload and download content directly to and from EditShare central storage systems. Producers on the go can keep an eye on projects and view rough cuts and fine cuts on a device of their choice whether it’s a laptop, tablet or smartphone, making it easier than ever to work with talent located anywhere in the world. Reviewer comments, which are written to the Flow database in real-time, can be timecode-tagged, giving editors back at home base concrete creative direction. Organizations with multiple facilities can search for and exchange material from any of their sites. And thanks to easily customizable metadata templates, AirFlow can be deployed to support diverse workflows such as review and approval, outsourced transcriptions, marketing archival material for sale to third parties, and proxy editing with relinking to high-resolution files.


Key features:

  • Platform independent, no client software installation required, simple and intuitive user interface
  • Browse, search and organize content in media spaces, projects, folders and sequences
  • Load custom metadata templates and view and enter clip metadata
  • Download proxies and/or high-resolution files individually or in batch through web browser
  • Edit remotely using downloaded AirFlow proxies locally in NLE, then relinking to high-resolution media onsite
  • AirFlow license is now included with every Flow system
  • For intensive AirFlow access outside of your facility, a 1U AirFlow Gateway Server can provide network isolation and additional security
  • Adobe Flow Panel puts AirFlow interface and features into an integrated Premiere Pro extension window
  • Support for multi-track audio, including solo and mute of specific stereo tracks during proxy playback (only available for select web browsers that support this HTML5 feature)
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