EditShare flow browse

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EditShare flow browse

Collaborate and manage media from ingest through to archive

As the main Flow client for managing content, Flow Browse offers quick access to all your media and metadata with proxy files, providing flexible viewing access for all users on a project. Search, browse, view metadata, log, create sub-clips and add markers for a truly collaborative workflow. Organize media into Projects, Folders and Sequences and retrieve archived content from EditShare Ark or other 3rd party storage sources.

For quick editing on the fly, a simple cuts-only editor allows users to create sequences and drag into an NLE for finishing, with the NLE automatically re-linking to the high-resolution media. Markers and other metadata will also transfer into the NLE. Plus for smart asset sharing, Flow Browse provides the ability to import and export metadata from other systems by dragging and dropping xml or csv files.


Feature highlights:

Advanced Search

Build and save advanced searches based on any available metadata, including custom fields. You can also set the searches to automatically refresh, keeping your search results always up to date.


Powerful project management for clips and sequences. Collaborate with others in a safe way, with a unique locking feature to ensure that sequence is never accidentally modified.

Flow Scan

Flow Scan indexes all your media, extracting thumbnails, metadata and also communicating with Flow Proxy to create the necessary proxy files. Scan also allows users to set up schedules to automatically check EditShare media spaces for new content, and has a wide support for formats from regular MXF and QuickTime files, through to RED, R3D and DPX.

Batch Sidecar Metadata Import

Flow supports batch import of sidecar metadata from a wide range of 3rd-party solutions including other media asset management systems. Users will be able to configure Flow Scan and/or Automation to recognize and perform batch import of these sidecar metadata files against the corresponding media files, based on user-defined metadata mappings.


Review rushes, edits or archive material, on a laptop, a workstation or a mobile device. Add comments, markers and make adjustments for a truly collaborative experience.

NLE Drag and Drop

Drag and drop clips, folders or sequences – or even your entire project structure into your NLE of choice, providing the ultimate collaborative and integrated environment.


The Flow Browse simple logging tool allows you to create subclips on the fly, either during or after ingest. Add custom metadata, alongside thumbnails and other criteria for a comprehensive overview of the contents of a clip.

Add coloured markers with comments to clip or sequence timelines for mark-up and review purposes in Flow Browse. Markers and other metadata is transferred to any supported NLE when the clip or sequence is dragged into a bin.


Sequences offer a quick and intuitive way to build rough edits, without the need for an expensive NLE. Using only proxy files, you do not even need access to the high-res media – simply search, view and trim and add to a sequence.

NLE integration

Support for all leading NLEs including Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Lightworks, and EDIUS. Drag and drop clips, sequences, folders or projects directly into your NLE of choice

Multicam Support

Multicam captures are linked, so that any metadata added to one angle is automatically applied to the others. Group Clips are created in Avid when you drag and drop a selection of clips or a multicam sequence from Flow into Avid


Add and update metadata for clips or subclips, with support for a wide range of custom metadata types. Metadata follows through to your NLE when the clips or subclips are dragged from Flow into your NLE.

Flow comes with a standard set of metadata fields you’d expect from a media asset management system. This can be fully extended with a wide range of custom metadata types, from pre-defined and pre-populated lists, to simple checkboxes and text strings.

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