Newtek TriCaster® 1 Pro

The incredibly powerful production system for the modern producer, publisher, and content creator. The perfect balance of investment and power for mid-sized productions with intense demands on quality and feature set.

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TriCaster 1 Pro is an evolution of one of the most complete live production systems available today. Equipped with the industry’s leading software-driven production technology and hundreds of future-ready capabilities.

  • Live Call ConnectIncreased agility with seamless integration of multiple remote callers from popular video communication applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype TX, Microsoft® Teams, Discord, Slack and Tencent as four unique video inputs. 
  • NDI®|HX Camera AppsUsers can now download and use the NDI TriCaster Camera App for Android and iOS, free of charge; turning any mobile device into a live production camera.
  • Variables Support in Macros A dynamic and powerful tool that allows operators to use logic in macros to deliver complex productions more easily.
  • Neural Voice IsolationA powerful tool that cleans audio at the touch of a button. Using AI, TriCaster can cancel or reduce background noise and automatically detect voices; maintaining all-important production quality. 
  • Live Streaming & PublishingTriCaster 1 Pro supports encoding of 3 channels – configure and launch live streaming video to the web with built-in streaming encoders supporting a choice of connection types, resolutions, and streaming providers, including multiple preset options and custom profile settings.
  • Quality MonitoringOperators will now be able to see the resolution / frame rate of every video source coming into their TriCaster to ensure they can always be confident of the quality of their sources
  • Alpha Channel Outputs Perfect for remote workflows, operators can now send Alpha Channel through one of the MIX outs. Bringing postproduction closer to live, users can use the keying on TriCaster to feed graphics or real time 3D creation tools.
  • NDI GenlockAllows users to match outputs to a common sync pulse telling it exactly when to send a frame of video.
  • Live Story CreatorA revolutionary approach to program automation using Microsoft Word®. It is as simple as building a script in Microsoft Word® with triggers for actions, once loaded into the TriCaster 1 Pro the show is easily executed.
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