Testmonials – OLD

Patrick Dahl

Co-founder / VP of Production & Creative

There’s nothing more terrifying than our storage solution acting like it’s possessed, but knowing that AsaPro is just a phone call away always makes it much less stressful. Carl always makes time to help us out and is seemingly on call when the technical demands exceed our abilities. He’s great at what he does, and more than that he’s a great person – we couldn’t be more thankful for his guidance and help.



Tom Smithburg

Founder & EVP

“AsaPro was a fantastic partner for TeamWorks Media in our recent editing and technology upgrades, which included a seamless installation process. Additionally, Carl and his team executed the move of our editing systems to our new office. We had virtually no downtime and reached full productivity ahead of schedule and without major complications. The most important skill AsaPro brings to the table – beyond the obvious technical knowledge and experience – is the ability to listen to our real needs and build a technical and execution plan that meets our budget and overall expectations.”


Barbara Square

Clientservice at brickhouse

The powerful simplicity of WEAPON allows for easily customizable rigs complete with streamlined peripheral integration.


Barbara Square