Adobe Premiere Tip of the Month: MOGRT Advanced Replacement

by Justin Peterson

Dir. Digital Content Production, Boston Celtics

Wouldn’t it be nice to change out images or videos within a motion graphics template? Well, now you can!

In Adobe’s newest release, the game has been changed with motion graphics templates that can be used within Premiere. The update now allows you to change out media directly within Premiere without needing to open After Effects. It will be a major time saver, and allow for really quick and efficient changes to post content to social media, or allow editors to take premade motion graphics, and make adjustments. You can make image replacements with photos or video. I put together this short tutorial to show you how it works. Happy to chat more if interested.

Justin Peterson is the Director of Digital Content Production at the Boston Celtics and is a contributor at AsaPro. Click here to see all of Justin’s articles.