Editshare EFS 200

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XStream EFS 200

XStream EFS 200 is scale-out shared storage that delivers the benefits of EditShare File System-based storage in a size that meets the capacity and budget requirements of collaboration teams and smaller media shops. Thanks to its simple building block approach scaling capacity and bandwidth as the needs of the organization grow is as easy as plugging additional storage nodes. Plus with the included ‘All-in-One’ upgrade, the XStream EFS 200 provides a complete media production platform with integrated asset management and workflow tools.

XStream EFS 200 is provisioned with a motherboard/4-core CPU/RAM configuration that offers exceptional storage, asset management and archive performance in an economical 2U form factor. Equipped with 12 drives a single EFS 200 server will provide 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 TB of usable capacity after native RAID 6 protection. Mirrored SSD OS drives provide redundant support for the EFS file system and redundant power supplies and fans are standard.

EFS performance

The XStream EFS 200 is powered at its core with the unique EditShare File System (EFS). Benefits include a single namespace file system and EFS Native Client connection protocol, allowing workstations to connect via our lightening-fast, multi-threaded client achieving 20% performance boost compared to legacy products. When expanded into a multi-node configuration, associated workstations employ a direct path to each storage node avoiding “hot spots”, increasing fault tolerance and ensuring no dropped frames during playback with our intelligent ‘SwiftRead’ contention management.

Easy ‘Scale out’ expansion

Expanding capacity and performance with an XStream EFS 200 system is easy. Simply connect one or more XStream EFS 200 storage nodes via a network switch. The EFS file system automatically rebalances existing data and implements the specified media protection mechanism(s) in the background while the XStream EFS 200 continues to support production. The expanded system still maintains a single namespace, so no need to juggle multiple RAID partitions and decide where to put Media Spaces.

XStream EFS 200

Single node, All-in-One introductory bundle

For a limited time, EditShare is including a free “All in One” upgrade with the first Single Node EFS system purchased at any site*. A value of over 10,000.00 USD, the EditShare “All-in-One” EFS 200 kit includes Ark archive and Flow production asset management applications, and 5+1 bundled Flow licenses (Flow + Flow Ingest).

XStream EFS 200 - All-in-One

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