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Pixellot PRIMEMSystem

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Pixellot Prime introduces affordable multi-feed production, enabling professional and semi-professional leagues, colleges and youth academies to produce and distribute HD quality broadcasts with a limited video crew and without an OB van.

Advanced Production Suite
Streamlining the production workflow, Pixellot Prime deploys an unmanned panoramic camera to capture the entire field at native 50-60 FPS. From the sporting event venue, the SDI footage is automatically fed into any production suite where the final broadcast is mixed, in real-time.

The suite displays a variety of views and streams, including an auto-produced feed featuring the center of action, streams from additional cameras and preset camera stations to create close-ups and replays. An array of transition options and graphic elements lets directors create TV-grade broadcasts for web portals and mobile apps. Clients opt for either a “clean” feed, streaming only the sports action or a program (“dirty”) feed.
8K capture and HD-SDI output, 50/60 FPS
End-to-end production system, enables production of sports event with single-person crew
Remote Production Suite to create multi-feed broadcast
Embedded graphics and ad formats
Additional audio input for commentator
Panoramic footage to power VR applications

Auto Production
Panoramic Video
Spatial Replay
Auto-Director & Ads
Automatic Highlights

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