A Letter from the CEO – February 2021

Two months into 2021, the outlook for our market is very promising. More Americans are being vaccinated daily, a great next step towards a return to normalcy. According to projections made by PWC,  the Media & Entertainment (M&E) market is poised to return to pre-COVID-19 expectations this year and will continue to grow over the next 3 years. 

The M&E market is in the midst of rapid changes brought on by the need for collaborative remote workflow. A need spurn from content creators working from home, and companies hiring skilled talents across the globe to produce content. Vendors, like EditShare, LucidLink Cloud Technology, Data Expedition Inc. are making these workflows a reality. Our own development team is also busy developing solutions to help our customers’ creative teams focus on what is important to them – create content to tell a story.   

How often, as an editor or producer, do you receive transcripts and photos with valuable metadata that you wish you did not have to manually import in your asset management software? Our latest plugins, FotoSync and TranSync now automate these processes. For more information or a demo, please email us at info@AsaPro-line.com.

We are also thrilled to announce that as of January 21st, 2021, we officially opened a new sales office in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The office, located at 342 N Queen Street Rear, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603, will be managed by Stephen Stone. This new location will allow AsaPro to better serve our East Coast customers. Stephen is a Sales Engineer at AsaPro handling pre-sales, demos, and installations. Specializing in NewTekEditshare, and other broadcast and AV equipment, Stephen can offer a solution that is right for you. As a former editor, Stephen thinks like the customers that he serves and puts himself in their shoes when devising the best plan for them. Reach out to our new sales and support office in Lancaster, PA by opening a support ticket here.

Thank you,

Carl Lemaine

President, CEO of AsaPro